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Tuition & Fees


Our Children’s Center is primarily a tuition-based school, relying on registration fees, activity fees and student tuition to operate.  Tuition is determined on a school year basis and is not prorated for days absent, student illness, or vacation days. School year tuition deposits (required for new families at registration) are subtracted from the yearly total and the balance is made payable through a payment plan determined at enrollment.

Tuition and Fees for the 2018/19 School Year

Financial Assistance

OCC offers a Scholarship Program to assist families demonstrating financial need in meeting their tuition obligations. The OCC Scholarship Program is supported through four primary sources: annual fundraising of the OCC Board of Directors; designated proceeds raised through the OCC Pre-Kindergarten Scholarship Fund (EITC); The OCC Scholarship Endowment Fund; and other annual fundraising and grants specifically supporting scholarship at OCC.  Applications for financial aid will be available at enrollment.  Determinations regarding scholarship funds will be made by June 1.

We also encourage and support families in soliciting financial assistance from the local CCIS and/or PSU Subsidy Programs. Additional information is available upon request.

Tuition Discounts

The following tuition discounts are available to all qualifying families, with a limit of one discount per family

Sibling Discounts

At OCC, we have a strong commitment to families. A 10% Sibling Discount is available to families enrolling more than one child at OCC during an academic year.  This discount is applied to the lesser of the tuition totals.  This discount may be applied to only one sibling/family.  Details and stipulations will be available at enrollment.

Commitment to Montessori – The Completion of the Three Year Cycle

The Montessori Primary Program is designed as a three-year cycle. The third year offers children the opportunity to reach his/her full potential by building upon the foundations set during the first two years in the Primary Classroom.  Children expand upon what they have learned, experience rapid academic and social growth and their skill level dramatically increases when they are given the opportunity to consolidate their knowledge within the Montessori classroom during this critical third year.  They are guided to take on more complex work, begin to learn time management skills and have an increased set of expectations and privileges in the classroom. These older children also reinforce their academic skills by helping other children and embracing the role of “leader” in the environment. This year of leadership gives a child immeasurable self-esteem and intellectual confidence.  In appreciation of a family’s “Commitment to Montessori,” OCC offers a percentage discount for students entering their third year in an OCC Primary Classroom.  Details will be made available as applicable.