OCC Scholarship Endowment Fund

The OCC Montessori School Scholarship Endowment Fund was established in 2015 in celebration of Our Children’s Center’s 40th anniversary of “Educating the Whole Child.” This fund, managed by the Centre Foundation, supports the OCC Scholarship Program with offers families demonstrating financial need with tuition assistance.

The Centre Gives event encourages the greater community to become involved in donating to qualifying organizations within the Centre Region, of which we are one.  The 36 hour Centre Gives event is presented by The Centre Foundation.  With their support and backing Centre Gives allows for donations “to go further” by offering incentives, prizes, and percentages of their stretch pool of funds.

OCC began participating in Centre Gives during the 2016 campaign.  Our goal is to raise awareness of and monies for the OCC Scholarship Fund.

Please visit CentreGives.org for more information.