Our Programs

OCC offers early childhood programs for children from 15 months through six years based on the Montessori Philosophy and Method of teaching young children, which encourages individual, whole-child development. Using this approach, we strive to achieve a balance in each child’s physical, social, emotional, and academic development.
Our aim is to aid the children in their development of order, coordination, concentration, and independence. These are the basic principles of a Montessori education, and are achieved through the use of the Montessori Materials in a prepared environment.

Our Toddler Classrooms

Our Primary Classrooms

The OCC Kindergarten Program

Before and After School Programming

Our Children’s Center offers childcare for families who need care outside of the regularly scheduled school day.  This program is offered only to currently enrolled families and is on a first come basis.  During the hours before and after school, children have the opportunity to experience more open ended activities, engage in dramatic play, and create beautiful crafts and artwork.