OCC Lunches

Catered (and Pizza) Lunches

OCC has a Food Service Coordinator who prepares daily lunches for students who wish to participate in catered lunch!  We offer a variety filled, nutritionally balanced menu including main courses, fruits, and vegetables. Plates, utensils, and napkins will be provided. Water will be served with lunch. Fridays are “Pizza Days” – with OCC providing the side dishes! Students who pack on other days can still sign up for Pizza Lunch.

Families have the opportunity to enroll their children in the full Catered Lunch program or Pizza Lunch program monthly, by semester, or for the full school year.  This program is a contracted commitment, with families accepting the responsibility for fees without regard for days absent due to travel or illness or opting to provide a separate lunch.

Waste Free Lunches

OCC Montessori practices waste free lunches where children bring in reusable lunch and drink containers. Learn more about Waste Free Lunches from the EPA.

Monthly Lunch Menu

Each month, we publish the lunch menu at least a week in advance of the new month. Current families can access the menu via Transparent Classroom. A sample menu is provided below:

October Lunch Menu