OCC Forms

The following forms are required for enrollment at OCC. Please return all paperwork on or before August 15, 2022.


* Child Health Form – This form must be completed and signed by a qualified medical professional and submitted to OCC within 60 days of initial enrollment.  Immunization Records must be included.  Child Health Forms/Immunization Records must be every twelve months for children 2 years+, and every six months for 1 year olds. For additional information regarding immunizations, please utilize the following resources: CDC-Recommended Immunization Schedule, PA School Immunization Requirements

* Class Photo Album Pages In each classroom, we create a  Class Photo Album. Photos should be printed or adhered directly to the pages (front-side only). Please try to have the first photo of “me” be only of the child. Feel free to use as few or as many photos as you would like. 

* Dental Exam Form This report must be submitted by all OCC Kindergarten students.

* Emergency Contact Form – Must be completed and signed at the beginning of each new school year and updated mid year (or as needed). 

* Family Handbook Acknowledgement – Review the Family Handbook annually, then sign and return this form.

* Family Questionnaire  – Complete and return at beginning of the school year. This contains important information about your child and your family so that we can best support the transition to school.

* Lunch Options – Please review and return this form to choose catered lunches, pizza lunches, or packed lunches.

* Preferred Payment Method – OCC has multiple options for payment including checks, ACH payments, or debit/credit card payments.