OCC Forms

The following forms are required for enrollment at Our Children’s Center Montessori School

*   Emergency Contact – Must be completed and signed at beginning of each new school year and updated mid year or as needed.

*   Child Health Form – This form must be completed and signed by a qualified medical professional and submitted to OCC within 60 days of initial enrollment.  Immunization Records must be included.  Child Health Forms/Immunization Records must be updated yearly for preschoolers, and every six months for toddlers.   For additional information regarding immunizations, please utilize the resources below.

~CDC-Recommended Immunization Schedule

~PA School Immunization Requirements

*   Dental Form  – This report must be submitted by all OCC Kindergarten students

*   Parent Questionniare  – Completed and returned at beginning of school year.

*   Class Photo Album Pages – In each classroom, we create a  Class Photo Album (or wall displays for Pre-3 students) in which each child in the class is featured. Photos should be adhered directly to the pages (front-side only). Please try to have the first photo of “me” be only of the child. Feel free to use as few or as many photos as you would like. Please bring completed Photo Pages in during your Back to School visits.